Thinking Outside

Whether for business, professional or personal challenges we support you in achieving your goals.

Working in and with nature to produce powerful and lasting results.


Science backs up what we intuitively know… getting out into nature is good for us. Not only does walking boost creativity, but looking at nature can restore our capacity to pay attention to other things. That’s what makes the natural environment the perfect backdrop when you’ve thinking to do.


You are the expert in your context. Our role is to provide structure and process to support you in your thinking and achieving your desired outcomes. The feedback we get from clients is unequivocal – working outside leads to deeper connections and better communication than you could ever hope to achieve in a meeting room.


What we provide isn’t outward bound or a wilderness experience. We are simply taking our thinking outside (and occasionally bringing the outside in). It’s different, it’s fun and it’s powerful. What’s more, there’s a a growing evidence base that backs up our approach.

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Evaluate & plan

Draw on our support to consolidate learning and plan next steps

Conversations were richer and deeper for colleagues walking side by side than around a table or online. Presenting slides and pictures just wouldn’t have had the same impact as being outside.

I highly recommend the use of outdoor, natural spaces to engage teams in richer dialogue, deeper relationship development and creative thinking.

Russell Sheldon, TMF Group

“Almost one year on, all attendees of that development day still cite the day as having brought about a greater understanding of other team members and what they do, while giving them an opportunity to reflect on ways of working and to focus on the future, not the past.”

Faculty Dean, University of Suffolk

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