March 2022 newsletter – What does your mind conjure when you hear the word spring?

The season, with images of blossom, daffodils, snowdrops? The coiled spring in your mattress? A gymnast or a gazelle leaping forward? A clear brook of water? Tigger?! How do these different meanings of the word figure in your life?  

“Managing strong feelings is part of the Spring surge. Like sap rising in the trees, Spring can cause a flare up of energy that can present itself as creativity, even anger. Anger in itself can be a powerhouse for moving ahead with strongly felt goals. It can spur us on through the injustices in the world to fight for causes that are congruent with our own belief system. Whether you direct your anger into creativity, or allow it to blow over, finding a way to explore this vulnerability safely in constructive, helpful and potentially positive ways is a challenge. Good Spring practice is to find creative challenges for strong feelings”.

Nature’s Way Karyn Prentice (2020)  

With the recent storms still in mind, we’re mindful of how the energy of Spring winds can blow fragile shoots and emerging buds. Where do you need to hold your ground or take a firm stand? What would you like to see blossom?

“Blossom by blossom the Spring begins.”       

Algernon Charles Swinburne

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